*Special Announcement*

Hello Friends and Happy Weekend to you all! I hope you have been enjoying the ‘Filling In The GAPSS of Our Lives’ series, I will be adding the next Installment today: ‘The Freedom of Self Acceptance.

However, That isn’t the announcement. No matter your plans this weekend, be sure to Stop By Tomorrow as it will be my Honor to host my Good Friend and Author Nonnie Jules as she stops by LuckyLifeLessons to share with us an excerpt of her 2nd published book in just a few months time- ““DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND”

Her book will be available at Month’s End but this time Nonnie Shows her amazing versatility delving into Fiction. I am excited to get ahold of this book! Please Stop By Tomorrow, 8/24/13, and help me support Nonnie and her new book, you will not want to miss this!

Happy Weekend to you all, and in the meantime go see what Nonnie is up to:

Twitter: @nonniejules
Facebook: Nonnie Jules
Email: [email protected]
Blog: nonniewrites.wordpress.com
Book Store: nonniesbookstore.com

If you don’t know Nonnie already, you are Missing OUT! If you are a writer as well, she is a MUST KNOW! Come back by tomorrow! Thank you Nonnie for letting me host you on your Blog Tour, it’s a Privilege and Honor!

2 Comments on “*Special Announcement*”

  1. Julie Valerie @JBValerie

    Hi Lucky Lance! Wanted to stop by to say hello since we’re both hosting the lovely Nonnie Jules on her whirlwind tour through the blogosphere. Looking forward to saying hello to you on Twitter, too. Cheers, Lance!

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