Meet Lance

Lance Jaynes is an author and Life and Happiness Coach. Lance gave up a professional sales career to follow his life’s passion and calling: Helping others get unstuck in life to live a happier more fulfilled life. He founded his own Life & Happiness Coaching firm where he offers coaching to aid people to get unstuck in life and to find and pursue the life of their dreams. Lance has just finished his first book, Filling in the GAPSS of your Life, which will be published soon. Lance also writes a blog about overcoming adversity and finding your life’s purpose.

Originally from Nashville, TN, this Auburn University Graduate resides in Birmingham, AL with his wife Beth, children Mac and Amelia, and dogs Luke and Lulu.




H.L.Hayward – Birmingham, United Kingdom

I was unable to open up to ANYBODY for many years & I had never ever considered taking on a Life Coach before. However, all of that changed when I met Lance Jaynes.

As a Life Coach, Lance is passionate about what he does & is compassionate, patient, kind, & totally non-judgmental. He radiates positivity on every level & has an addictive ‘happy’ personality!

Using his unique & effective skills, Lance guided me & encouraged me to gradually open up at my own pace, all the while reassuring me & making sure that I was as comfortable as possible during the process.

Overall, the whole experience has quite simply changed my life for the better & I have gained so much confidence.
Reaching out to Lance Jaynes was truly the best decision that I ever made for myself. As a result, I have finally been able to find some peace & the confidence to finally leave the past behind & to move on with my life. Best of all, I have gained a wonderful friendship in the process!

Always grateful to you ‘Lucky’Lance

H.L.Hayward – Birmingham, United Kingdom


Helena R

I have had a very tough few years! Losing my mother to breast cancer to dealing with old pains and scars of childhood! I never thought I would start to untangle some of the most powerful pain I could ever be in, but with the guidance and coaching of Lance I am starting to pull my life back together!! His compassion and honest approach has made such a big difference in getting my life back! I’ve never been happier or more optimistic. People who have known me for years can see a major difference. I’m making so much progress and have work to do, but thanks to Lance, his unique, positive approach to Living Life, I KNOW my life will only get better by the day! He’s not just a coach, he is a dear friend whom I can always rely on! Thank You ‘Lucky’ Lance!
Helena R- Kamuela, HA

Cassandra M. Corona Del Mar , CA

Lance Jaynes is an amazing insightful and thoughtful soul. He has this sense of knowing where you should be and where you should go. Not where he thinks you should go or be… But instead where the world and your destiny is calling you. He always has the right quote to share with the very motivational message I needed at that very moment. He has guided me and kept me on track and moving forward with love and laughter.
He allows me to trust him and the process and guides me to letting it happen as opposed to making it happen. He is magical.

Cassandra M. Corona Del Mar , CA

Kyle and Lacey

Lance helped save our marriage! We had been in a lot of trouble for a long time and living a part for a while too! I even thought of divorce too but with the guidance and support from Lance we learned to better communicate and understand each other’s needs and wants! We no longer scream and shout at each other but speak to each other calmly! He has remarkable skills as a life coach and has helped to keep our family together! Thank You ‘Lucky Lance’, You are simply amazing!!

Kyle and Lacey W.- Yokohama, Japan