Make Someone’s Today Better


A quick, random blog, just because i feel like it! The picture above is a note I recently received as an unexpected gift. We were out of town for my sons Lacrosse tournament. Stayed in many hotels but this time I was aware that someone actually cleans my rooms at hotels. I’ve know this of course but my Awareness is that I hadn’t really been grateful for this. Some people leave a tip by the bed out of fear that if they don’t ‘tip’ the maids will steal their shit-heard this rationale-no joke!

I had no fear but felt sudden guilt for not being grateful to these humble people who are behind the scenes of our lives, doing jobs that go unnoticed. Jobs that the only feedback you get is if you mess up. Think about it, these maids clean up our nasty messes, we never see them doing it-if we do, we are aggravated they are ‘Still in our room’. Their profession may be one if the only ones where the customers are given door signs basically telling you to ‘keep out’-You Cant Do Your Job Right Now’. As I type I realize how tough this job must be-if someone forgets to take the ‘do not disturb’ sign down, that maid could get in if trouble for not doing their job.

I felt that need express thanks. I looked in my wallet and had no small bills, so I left a very good tip with a personal thank you note! It was freeing, and I had ZERO expectation of anything in return. The note at the top was waiting on my pillow and was an unexpected Gift to me!

The point is, it’s a New Day! We all have our own struggles, fears and crap to deal with everyday. Take the minimal time and effort-TODAY-To do a selfless act for a stranger and be completely unattached from any expectation in return-even a Thank You! Not just maids at hotels, there are SO SO many things we take for granted in life that are somehow just ‘Done’ for us! Be aware, there is a human, a faceless person behind things we just ‘Expect’ to be taken care of!

Any expectation or expected outcome is of the EGO! If we ALL did this only one time each day, the impact would change everything. It’s SO Easy!

Be The Change You Want To See In The World! ~Mahatmas Ghandi #LuckyLance

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