• It’s Finally Spring, Are You Blooming too?

    It seemed like winter would never end this year!  I am thankfully a spoiled guy who has lived his whole life in the south.  I don’t like it getting into the 30’s, so yeah I’m a wuss.  I did get to experience Minnesota weather this past February, that box has been checked and ZERO desire to experience that again!  The throwing up hot water and watching it turn to snow was actually cool then I went back inside!  I have great empathy for anyone who has to survive that shit all winter, no thanks!

    Spring has become my favorite time of the year!  The temps getting warm and driving my car with the top down, feeling the sun on my face is a very fulfilling thing to me!  I am probably one of the few who actually love driving their cars, I am truly grateful.

    As I have aged, matured and had my ass kicked by life, I have learned to see the true Magical Beauty of Spring and being in Nature.  I think that we all have some lessons that we can be easily taught by just simply looking around us.  Lao Tzu states in the Tao Te Ching “Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished”.  What is nature getting that we are not?  I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that we as humans hurry, hurry, hurry and NEVER seem to get everything accomplished?  We do this juggling jobs, kids schedules, social events and can barely find a second for ourselves.  Nature is teaching at all times, we just have to slow down and pay attention.

    As I type this and look out my window, it is remarkable to actually appreciate the way it just ‘happens’ every year.  Thank GOD nature does not think like us crazy humans.  We are faced with many hurdles in life.  Life is full of suffering and it is in this suffering that we must learn to let go, and let God!

    Can you imagine if this huge tree out my window thought and behaved like we do?  To have spent all last year building its wealth, a huge canopy of leaves that offer amazing shade on a hot southern day, only to lose them all in the fall?  Have you ever lost a job, faced financial stress?  The difference in this tree who has survived a LONG time and us, the tree is not attached to it’s leaves.  It doesn’t get pissed off like we do when we suffer a setback?  It doesn’t blame anyone or any circumstance.  It is at peace and will miraculously do this every year.  What if it began to tell itself what a shitty tree it was last fall as the foliage turned magnificent colors only to fall and rot.  To see it self a failure and tell itself that over and over.  Would it say to itself, ‘well, that was a waste of my time, I can’t do that, I failed, no need in trying this year!’?  No, because it accepts and exists only in this amazing NOW!  The now you are reading this, the only time that ever exists.

    We spend so much of our mental energy regretting shit that has happened in our past and also imagining every worst case scenario that ‘might happen’.  The regrets of a time we can no longer visit, the fear of the unknown a future that will NEVER exist, they keep us so stuck, so lost.  Nature is effortless Love.  It is loving awareness.  It is not attached to any outcome, it does not cling to expectations of itself or others.  It gives us the life giving oxygen that we take for granted.  We too are that same loving awareness at our core!  It is our divinity, that peace of God that is alive in us.  It keeps your heart beating, it keeps your breathing.  No effort required.

    As you go through your hurried life, i encourage you to go sit in nature.  In silence, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Become one with it, if just for a few moments every day.  Stop to look at the true, effortless magic occurring around you constantly.  This too is a part of us, and the greatest power we truly have.

    Let your yesterdays go-you can not do a damn thing about it!  You did the absolute best you could do with all of the information and resources you had at the time.  The simple fact we wish we could change parts of our past shows us that we are better for it!  Think about that, the fact we regret our actions, mistakes and failures so much to steal our present moment, that shows YOU LEARNED from that mistake!! Bless it and move on!  Sometime’s you gotta chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on!

    As for what is so scary, whatever you occupy your mind with in that insane bundle of horrible self loathing that is our daily norm, if it is not happening right NOW, well, its just not real!!! Can’t you see that? We all had irrational fears as kids, maybe it was the dark, or something under your bed.  Can you not see the same thing is happening over and over?  Be HONEST with yourself, how much of the shit you have anguished over, been petrified with the thought of some ‘what if’ that actually NEVER HAPPENED???

    One of the best ways to find your peace is to slow down long enough to observe nature, to be still in it and breath.  To connect to your source.

    Thank You to Everyone who takes the time to read these.  Make sure that you don’t forget to bloom this spring!


  • Letting Go of Past Mistakes

    LJ_letting_goBe honest. If you are alive and reading this, chances are that you regret a decision or a mistake you have made in your life. As I have begun coaching people to be happier, I have learned how powerful our past can be over our present lives.

    Part of the process of personal growth — becoming you, enlightenment, call it what you want — is learning to face your past, especially the things you want least to face. I have been going through this personal journey over the last few years.

    We are all human! Every person who has ever lived has some event
    in his or her past that person wishes he or she could go back and change.
    It can be minor like missing out on an opportunity, or it can be a major
    ‘mistake’ that you can’t seem to fully let go of or release. It can really haunt
    you and rob you of your joy.

    So how do we let go of these past regrets and mistakes we have
    made? The first step to releasing regret requires acceptance— whatever
    happened, whenever it happened. Ask yourself, “What can I do right now to
    undo this past event?” In certain instances it is not too late. If you have
    hurt someone or done something you regret, if you can truly apologize to
    someone, you are one of the lucky ones. It may be scary or uncomfortable
    but, if you can, at least attempt to make it right. Don’t wait any longer. If
    you are able to make amends, you must do so – free of anyone’s response.
    Often the person who was wronged may not accept your apology, but you
    have no control over that. Do it for you! It can be very liberating,
    regardless of how the other person reacts. You can only control you.
    What if there is nothing you can do right now to fix a past regret? The
    most important thing you can do is to forgive the former version of you who
    made the mistake. I specify “former” version of you because it’s true — we
    are not who we were!

    One of my clients had been plagued by a mistake made as a teenager. Who the hell didn’t do something as a teenager? This regret was just a dumb mistake, but it was a life-altering, tragic event. It was just poor judgment at that time of his life. I asked my client to please go locate the teenage version of himself; go get him so I can see him! Well, obviously, the version of the person who made that mistake no longer exists. We are not who we were even yesterday, not to mention who we were as teens. We all screw up; we all make mistakes, some of which deeply hurt other people. But if you can’t undo, then you CAN forgive theformer version of you. Life is about trial and error. We all mess up. Quit letting a past mistake by a former version of yourself steal your joy now!

    “Though no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can
    start from now and make a brand new ending.” Carl Bard

    Life only happens right now! Anything in your past occurred in that
    moment. It was ‘NOW’ when it happened. We must accept who we are
    right now; forgive a former version of you who isn’t who you are now. As
    long as you remain stuck in your past, you are missing the chance at true
    happiness and joy. Forgive that old you. If you are able to apologize, do
    it! It may not ever be accepted, but all you can control is you.

    Be grateful for the good and bad in your life. It’s easy to be thankful
    for the good, but power lies in being thankful for the bad too! If you still
    struggle with a regret, clearly you know you wouldn’t repeat that action. So
    be grateful that your mistake has made you a better version of yourself. If
    you choose to live in your past, you are missing out on the best time of your
    life — RIGHT NOW! Accept the fact that you can’t go back and undo it; not
    possible. If you are able to apologize, do it but don’t expect it to be
    accepted or acknowledged.

    We all mess up. We all regret things we have done. Forgive the
    former version of you, and then let it go. Be happy NOW. It is as simple
    as choosing it.

  • When You KNOW What Gratitude Is!

    LJ_gratitude1I’ve been on an amazing journey. I’ve soared with the eagles. I’ve crawled with the roaches. I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single year. I’ve had to borrow money from family to survive because I was penniless, flat broke. Most of these highs and lows have occurred in the last few years. It can be a long fall from the top of the mountain. It will humble you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

    What made all the difference in saving my life, in showing me
    what real happiness means, can be summed up in one word — Gratitude.
    We are all taught to say “thank you,” to be appreciative of the kindness
    and generosity of others. Yet I have learned that is only the beginning
    of gratitude.

    To be truly grateful, you must make a habit of writing down
    things you are so blessed to have in your life. It holds the most power
    when everything is going wrong. Life is going to kick your ass and bring you to your knees. It is true gratitude that holds the power to set you free.

    Adversity and change are unavoidable in life. When I truly
    understood I had made it was the moment I had no money, no options
    left; but I was truly grateful to be exactly where I was. I pulled to
    the side of the road to write gratitude, and within a minute I received
    a miracle.

    I had interviewed for a job and received the call at that moment
    that I had been chosen for the position. Even prior to the call, I had
    found true peace in the midst of the storm. That was the moment I
    learned what true, selfless gratitude can do to save my life.

    We tend to live our lives focusing on what we don’t have. We
    want to look different, be loved more, have a better job, more money,
    be happier, etc. When we focus on what’s missing from our lives, we
    get more of what we don’t want. By writing gratitude every day, we
    shift our focus to how lucky we actually are.

    When we focus on what we are lucky to have in our lives, the
    power of gratitude will bring us happiness and abundance beyond our
    wildest dreams. Don’t wait another second; take the time today, right
    NOW, to practice real gratitude. Your life will never be the same

  • Finding Your Passion and Overcoming Tragedy with Rick Burgess from the Rick and Bubba Show June 4 at 1:00pm EDT

    I am thrilled to have Rick Burgess as my featured guest as I fill in as the Guest Host on Lessons in Joyful Living Radio!

    Rick_BurgessOriginality is rare in American culture. Entertainers and authors often follow trends to remain fashionable. Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey — aka “The Two Sexiest Fat Men Alive” — are two wonderful exceptions. With their award-winning “The Rick & Bubba Show” radio program, they have set a new standard for original and wholesome entertainment.

    Rick and Bubba host one of America’s fastest growing morning programs currently carried on over 55 radio stations. Their unique friendship began in college as they partnered at their local radio affiliate. After college, each pursued their separate careers, and Bill ultimately landed a position as chief radio engineer in Gadsden, AL. When management began a search for a new morning host, Bill suggested Rick. The tandem partnered on a number of comedy segments for Rick’s program, and Bill (Bubba) joined the broadcast to read Shakespeare for “Good Ole Boy Theater.” The segment was an immediate ratings hit, and Bill (Bubba) moved from guest to on-air partner. A subsequent move to WYSF in Birmingham, AL widened their audience and created a foundation for future growth.

    Today, the program is heard in several states and by a legion of dedicated listeners. The program’s authentic southern style is unmistakable.

    Rick & Bubba are multiple New York Times best-selling authors. The newest release, Rick and Bubba’s Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage, is their fifth title and was released in June 2009. They also provide the voices for Iggy and Ziggy in the Max Lucado animated series, “Hermie and Friends”.

    By radio and written word, Rick and Bubba provide clean, family-oriented entertainment addressing all areas of life – marriage, faith, politics, family and life.

    Listen live here!

  • The Leading Cause of Loss of Life In the World Today – Fear!

    fear_blogWhen you see this title that talks about the Leading Cause of Loss of Life, our minds naturally think of things that we associate with death; Diseases such as Heart Disease or Cancer.  Maybe you think of tragic accidents such as car wrecks, earthquakes tornadoes, on and on. What I believe is the biggest cause of lives lost is fear!  It may not be literally causing people to drop dead, at least directly, but what is life if we don’t live it to the fullest? I consider it to be the most tragic loss of Life.

    We are all going to die of something, this we know. We go out of our way to preserve “being alive” by eating a healthy diet, exercising, and going to regular checkups at the doctor. When our bodies do get sick in any way, we do what we must to prolong life, be it medicine, treatment, surgery, etc.  Why is it that we do everything to make sure we stay alive and do very little to make our lives worth living? One word-FEAR!

    I have always heard that fear was an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  It is so true, most of the things that have scared us the most in our lives NEVER happened to us. Look back over your life. We’ve all faced scary moments and situations. Were they ever as bad as we had made them up to be in our minds?  But I have good news, if you’re reading this, congratulations, you too have a 100% success rate for surviving even the scariest, worst days you’ve ever had and it is Not Too Late!

    In the book written by Bronnie Ware, “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying,” the #1 regret that people face at the end of their lives is “I wish I’d had the courage to live my life, true to myself, not the lives others expected of me.”  I cannot think of anything sadder than to be facing the end of my life, at that point when it is too late, to know you could have lived the life you always wanted.  To realize that you had allowed fear of what others ‘may think’ of you, that you were afraid to take a chance, afraid to make a change you knew you must.  We place so much power in what others think of us and we let life pass us by. We are afraid to really live our lives true to what our heart tells us is right.

    Over the past few years, I have been through the scariest period of my life and to be honest, I am not out of the woods yet.  I’ve long had some irrational fears that have actually manifested and I’ve had no choice but to face them head on.  I have not only survived each one but they have empowered me.  Through the process of facing my fears, I can say that there is virtually nothing that scares me anymore or holds me back in life.  I’m truly grateful for every fear that I have had to face and the freedom that has resulted in my conquering them.

    Let’s face it, we are all going to kick the bucket. But if you are reading this, WAKE UP, it’s not too late!  I can assure you, if you choose to live the life of your dreams, to follow your heart, it will scare the hell out of you at times. You may even upset some people you care about along the way.  You may even lose some friends or family members by being true to yourself, but don’t you let ANYONE make you have this regret on your death bed!  Our clocks are ticking and all we are ever guaranteed is this moment, right NOW!

    Quit postponing your happiness.  We usually trick ourselves into saying, ‘One day I will…’  Or we wait for the moment when all things are perfect to make a big life change.  If you forget everything in this article, remember this: The Perfect Time NEVER COMES! I can assure you every person on their deathbed had a very good reason why they postponed their happiness, the life of their dreams.  Their heart urged them to make a change, to take that scary leap of faith, but they justified why it would be ok to postpone it a little while longer.  The day is coming for each of us.  Don’t be ignorant and assume ‘that won’t happen to me.’  There is a reason that is one of the top regrets of those at the end of their lives.

    Fear of living life to the fullest steals more lives than any disease or tragic accident.  My father was killed in an automobile wreck at age 27. It is a reminder that we have no clue how long we have to live.  Listen to your heart, that voice deep in you that is telling you that you deserve more, that you can have the life of your dreams.  Is it going to be scary at times, um Hell Yes! But as you begin to make the changes you know you must, you will learn what scared you the most almost never happens, and if it does, it is rarely as troubling as you imagined in your mind.  What scares me the most is to go to my grave knowing I could have had it all but to know it is Way Too Late to do a damn thing about it!  Don’t wait any longer, start small if you must.  Or continue to put it off for the perfect time, if you don’t mind missing out on the life you dream of!  The Choice is yours!

    Have a Happy NOW!

    Lance Jaynes


    Jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down. ~ Ray Bradbury

  • Blog Tour VIP: Nonnie Jules

    Friends, It is my sincere Honor to be able once again to host the Blog Tour of the Amazing Mother, Author and Awesome Friend, Nonnie Jules! This is her SECOND Book of this YEAR, and she is showing her amazing versatility with her first published fiction. A Wonderful, Giving and Helpful Friend, Get To Know Nonnie Jules!

    Hi and thank you all for joining me once again here at LuckyLifeLessons! This is my third blog tour but it is my second time sharing with Lance’s readers and I am so grateful for this opportunity once again. Lance is a dear friend of mine and has wonderful messages to share with the world, but him allowing me to stand in on his blog for a day just goes to show how wonderfully awesome he is in supporting others.

    I am Nonnie Jules, wife, mother, loyal friend and up and coming author. If most of you remember, the first time I was here I was promoting “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS,” 100 Tips To Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love! I’m happy to say that the book is doing well on its own merit and now sits on the shelves of select B&N stores. I feel so blessed! Have you read it yet?

    Today I’m here promoting my second book/first novel, “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” which was originally scheduled for release on 8/22/13 but since life has stepped in and said otherwise, it’s now slated for an 8/31 or 9/1/13 release, so please stay tuned.

    Here’s the Blurb:
    Marisa was a good girl, until someone made her mad. Living in hell with her mother and step-father was all but a daily struggle for her survival. When Marisa can’t stand the abuse any longer, she snaps and does the unthinkable! Will she be able to survive leaving one hell being forced into another? Will the man she married be able to understand and forgive? Stay tuned for the bumpy ride that is “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND”.

    And a brief Excerpt:
    “Friday nights always brought about a sense of relief for Marisa. Most often, she would go and either spend the night with her best friend Charlotte, or her grandfather, Papa J, would pick her up for a weekend at her grandma Dea’s. How she loved spending time with her grandma…her own personal savior from the mama from hell she lived with. Marisa and her grandmother were just so much alike, too. They both liked to talk and they both enjoyed coffee. On Saturday mornings, although Marisa’s grandmother no longer drove long distances, the two of them would climb into her grandpa’s old Chevy pickup and make the two block trek to visit grandma Dea’s sister. Aunt Mare was a character and she was the total opposite of grandma Dea. She was loud, she cussed, she drank and at her age, she loved to party. But there was something very confusing about Aunt Mare to Marisa. Aunt Mare was married to a Pastor and she behaved like Jezebel! Marisa used to think it funny how Aunt Mare was her mama’s favorite aunt, but she soon began to realize why: they had the very same behaviors, with the exception of it being very obvious that Aunt Mare loved ALL her daughters.

    Saturday mornings like this were such a reprieve for Marisa from the chaos of Saturday mornings at her house, where there was no smell of coffee, there were no good morning hugs or kisses and there surely was no family congregating to eat breakfast. It was pure dysfunction at its finest, which is why Marisa cherished her weekends away. No matter where, she was just glad she didn’t have to be in that house.

    Marisa hadn’t told her grandmother what was happening to her at home. She knew that if she did, all hell would break loose between her mom and her grandma. So, she kept quiet and when Dea asked how things were at home. she smiled and just responded “They’re fine, Dea.”

    Well, that’s enough of that. I’m just whetting your pallettes, don’t want to give away any spoilers. But although DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER… hasn’t released yet, you can still take advantage of the pre-order advance paperback copy price of only $10, simply by going to Nonnies Book Store and registering. If you’d like to see the trailer for this book you can do so here on Youtube.

    If you’re interested in snagging a copy of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS” you can do so at Amazon, Createspace and for autographed copies Nonnies Book Store. Paperback copies of this book make the perfect baby shower gift or great new mommy gift. You may also enjoy this books’ trailer here on YouTube.

    Well, my time is up here and I hope you have enjoyed all that I’ve shared with you today. I would ask that you please keep in touch with me by either of the following methods:

    Twitter: @nonniejules
    Facebook: Nonnie Jules
    Email: [email protected]
    Blog: nonniewrites.wordpress.com
    Book Store: nonniesbookstore.com

    Thanks so much again, Lance! I always have the best time when I’m here and I always hate to leave. So until our next stop together…I bid you a great day!


  • *Special Announcement*

    Hello Friends and Happy Weekend to you all! I hope you have been enjoying the ‘Filling In The GAPSS of Our Lives’ series, I will be adding the next Installment today: ‘The Freedom of Self Acceptance.

    However, That isn’t the announcement. No matter your plans this weekend, be sure to Stop By Tomorrow as it will be my Honor to host my Good Friend and Author Nonnie Jules as she stops by LuckyLifeLessons to share with us an excerpt of her 2nd published book in just a few months time- ““DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND”

    Her book will be available at Month’s End but this time Nonnie Shows her amazing versatility delving into Fiction. I am excited to get ahold of this book! Please Stop By Tomorrow, 8/24/13, and help me support Nonnie and her new book, you will not want to miss this!

    Happy Weekend to you all, and in the meantime go see what Nonnie is up to:

    Twitter: @nonniejules
    Facebook: Nonnie Jules
    Email: [email protected]
    Blog: nonniewrites.wordpress.com
    Book Store: nonniesbookstore.com

    If you don’t know Nonnie already, you are Missing OUT! If you are a writer as well, she is a MUST KNOW! Come back by tomorrow! Thank you Nonnie for letting me host you on your Blog Tour, it’s a Privilege and Honor!

  • Make Someone’s Today Better


    A quick, random blog, just because i feel like it! The picture above is a note I recently received as an unexpected gift. We were out of town for my sons Lacrosse tournament. Stayed in many hotels but this time I was aware that someone actually cleans my rooms at hotels. I’ve know this of course but my Awareness is that I hadn’t really been grateful for this. Some people leave a tip by the bed out of fear that if they don’t ‘tip’ the maids will steal their shit-heard this rationale-no joke!

    I had no fear but felt sudden guilt for not being grateful to these humble people who are behind the scenes of our lives, doing jobs that go unnoticed. Jobs that the only feedback you get is if you mess up. Think about it, these maids clean up our nasty messes, we never see them doing it-if we do, we are aggravated they are ‘Still in our room’. Their profession may be one if the only ones where the customers are given door signs basically telling you to ‘keep out’-You Cant Do Your Job Right Now’. As I type I realize how tough this job must be-if someone forgets to take the ‘do not disturb’ sign down, that maid could get in if trouble for not doing their job.

    I felt that need express thanks. I looked in my wallet and had no small bills, so I left a very good tip with a personal thank you note! It was freeing, and I had ZERO expectation of anything in return. The note at the top was waiting on my pillow and was an unexpected Gift to me!

    The point is, it’s a New Day! We all have our own struggles, fears and crap to deal with everyday. Take the minimal time and effort-TODAY-To do a selfless act for a stranger and be completely unattached from any expectation in return-even a Thank You! Not just maids at hotels, there are SO SO many things we take for granted in life that are somehow just ‘Done’ for us! Be aware, there is a human, a faceless person behind things we just ‘Expect’ to be taken care of!

    Any expectation or expected outcome is of the EGO! If we ALL did this only one time each day, the impact would change everything. It’s SO Easy!

    Be The Change You Want To See In The World! ~Mahatmas Ghandi #LuckyLance

  • Are You Chasing Your Calling or Someone Else’s?


    Hello everybody and welcome to Day 3 of 7 in my blog series. This topic hit me again out of the blue so, I’m going with it. Do you ever feel like the #Cheetah in the picture, giving all your energy to chase down some all important dream? Obviously, the Cheetah is chasing a meal so that’s of utmost importance. Looking back not only at my past life but even what I currently struggle with, I’m learning the importance to make sure that you are ‘chasing’ what matters to YOU, not someone else.

    In past blogs I’ve touched on the importance of Accepting yourself, facing your fears and finding the life you were born to live. Each of us has been widely programmed (actually De-Programmed) by outside people and influences in our lives. We have been taught to chase things in life that more times than not aren’t important to us at our core. We think they are important because our parents, family, friends, media and society say they are.

    I’ve been Lucky to have a network of support around me to be able to make my own choices. I knew people growing up who were trying to live up to demands and expectations of their parents. Go to a little league game, dance or gymnastics event anywhere in the country today, pick your sport, and you will see first hand that lots of parents sadly try to live vicariously through their children. It often carries on to college where there is a lot of pressure put on a young adult to pursue a career held in high esteem-Doctor, Lawyer, etc. I’m not indicting the masses but you know it goes on.

    Even if you have the free will to choose, it is often unknowingly influenced by your up-bringing. I got a degree in Finance, looking back because it was what was prevalent in my family. I wasn’t pressured in the least but it was ‘in my blood’ or so I thought. The great thing about life is even if you have been programmed or forced down a career path that is a mismatch, it’s NEVER TOO LATE to make a change.

    Having spent many years in a several professions, it only gets harder once you enter the workplace. You may not have parental influence but you become a product of the environment. Everyone you work with is ‘expected’ to achieve the same things-promotions, titles, winning sales contests, making big bucks and often at any cost necessary. This becomes a dangerous cycle that keeps people stuck in a job they shouldn’t be in! It may be a Great Job-my last one for example-but a Wrong Fit for the individual. When you are viewed as Successful in your field, make a lot of money and subsequently build a lifestyle that relies on that income, you often end up like a cheetah, constantly running, chasing that next gazelle. The difference is the cheetah must eat to survive-We aren’t fighting for survival, we chase a “Better” lifestyle, with better “things”, and none have made me personally happier. As a result of this ‘Chase’, I believe we shorten our lifespan and greatly reduce our chance at true happiness if we devote so much energy to a job or career that deep inside, you don’t like, or in my case, had come to Hate!

    I will delve further into finding your calling in tomorrow’s blog. But in the mean time, ask yourself, are you pursuing your calling or a calling influenced by someone else? Is it a constant struggle or is it effortless? When you’re on the right path, I am learning effort isn’t needed, it all just works. Thank You Again for reading this, I am honored and hope that someone out there can learn something that can help them find their inner peace and happiness.

    To Be Continued……..

    Lucky Lance

  • Are you trying to ‘Make Something Happen’ and it’s Not?

    Well, day two of my self commitment to write a blog a day for 7 days straight has met it’s share of resistance. I must preface that prior to today, I only blog or write when it hits me and it has been so effortless. I’ve fought this blog all day long. I guess you can say I was experiencing writers block. I just couldn’t start the process-had a million topics but none would flow. Then WHAM it hit me-write about what you are struggling with right NOW! It’s now flowing like a river & I am SO GRATEFUL!

    It was Awareness of what I was resisting; Awareness that is so crucial to a happy, fulfilled life. In my blog yesterday I focused on the need to take time for yourself. Since I have put that in practice, my Awareness is at an all time high.

    Eckhart Tolle has a a quote I love that says “What you Resist, Persists” Think about it, our news, our world is so full of hatred, creating horrible separation. Everyone seems to be fighting a battle, supporting a cause and no one will open their mind to another’s opinion. This Sucks and is Sad to me. When we devote our efforts to fighting ‘against’ anything or anyone we view as bad or wrong, we give energy to that negative thing-person we loathe. Mother Teresa used to stress the need to Not oppose anything, but rather support it’s opposite. Look at The ‘Wars’ the world ‘Fights’ today:
    -The War on Drugs-FAIL!
    -The War on Terror-FAIL!
    -The War on Starvation & Poverty-FAIL!
    The “War” on anything just doesn’t work!

    The same can be said for what you struggle with the most in your life. We have been raised to be ‘Achiever’s’, ‘Go Getter’s’. We’re taught that if we do all we can, bust our asses, sacrifice like hell (it’s sadly the most important stuff we give up & only realize on our Death Bed). All that seems to matter in the world today is status, wealth, ‘fame’, accumulations-STUFF! We are taught that the strong prevail, that ‘Winning’ and ‘Stuff’ bring Happiness-The ‘Good’ Life! Ive had a remarkably blessed life by those standards until recently. We gut out an existence, trying to ‘better’ ourselves, our family, to ACHIEVE STUFF-and that stuff brings ZERO HAPPINESS! Are we ABLE to ‘Succeed’ and make a LOT of money? Hell yes! Trust me my friends, I Have BEEN to the top of a high profile, big money career in sales, won trips, stock, NICE watches, Made A LOT of money and Towards The End, I Actually felt Guilty for the money I was making! Was it easy to achieve-HELL NO! Was it satisfying and fulfilling for me personally? Nope! For others it may be but I had no passion for what I did and let me tell you, it was a SWEET JOB many would die to get-I had the best of it and the worst, I grew as a person and no longer could exist in that role!

    My point in this is I am one of the Lucky ones, to find what matters most to me and to take this scary leap of faith I am living Right Now! Nothing is ‘safe’ or ‘secure’ but I’m thankful to have been courageous and at peace with myself to pursue this crazy, amazing calling!

    Since I have, the things that used to paralyze me with fear, I’ve faced and they didn’t stop me-actually didn’t even slow me. Not only that but my general happiness is at an all time high-yes I still have my moments-ask anyone who knows me-Haha! But like this blog, once I quit resisting and let go, Everything Just Works! ‘Effort’ and ‘Making It Happen’ are things of the past because I am living life with my Calling at the wheel. I could be broke before long, I may not be a published writer, may not make a dime-I Don’t Care-Truly! I JUST KNOW that I’m here to help and that it is all going to work out just perfectly. I have More Than I Need RIGHT NOW-this place is where I Live my Life-NOW!

    Friends, Magic is Real! Become aware of what you strive so hard for in life, especially if you meet resistance or failure. Accept EVERYTHING in your life as if you had Asked for it to occur-Yes-even the Bad, Horrible things, events and people! Do this and find a way to give SINCERE GRATITUDE for it-even if you can’t see the good to come from it, Thank It & I Promise That You Will!

    Lucky Lance