When You KNOW What Gratitude Is!

LJ_gratitude1I’ve been on an amazing journey. I’ve soared with the eagles. I’ve crawled with the roaches. I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single year. I’ve had to borrow money from family to survive because I was penniless, flat broke. Most of these highs and lows have occurred in the last few years. It can be a long fall from the top of the mountain. It will humble you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

What made all the difference in saving my life, in showing me
what real happiness means, can be summed up in one word — Gratitude.
We are all taught to say “thank you,” to be appreciative of the kindness
and generosity of others. Yet I have learned that is only the beginning
of gratitude.

To be truly grateful, you must make a habit of writing down
things you are so blessed to have in your life. It holds the most power
when everything is going wrong. Life is going to kick your ass and bring you to your knees. It is true gratitude that holds the power to set you free.

Adversity and change are unavoidable in life. When I truly
understood I had made it was the moment I had no money, no options
left; but I was truly grateful to be exactly where I was. I pulled to
the side of the road to write gratitude, and within a minute I received
a miracle.

I had interviewed for a job and received the call at that moment
that I had been chosen for the position. Even prior to the call, I had
found true peace in the midst of the storm. That was the moment I
learned what true, selfless gratitude can do to save my life.

We tend to live our lives focusing on what we don’t have. We
want to look different, be loved more, have a better job, more money,
be happier, etc. When we focus on what’s missing from our lives, we
get more of what we don’t want. By writing gratitude every day, we
shift our focus to how lucky we actually are.

When we focus on what we are lucky to have in our lives, the
power of gratitude will bring us happiness and abundance beyond our
wildest dreams. Don’t wait another second; take the time today, right
NOW, to practice real gratitude. Your life will never be the same