January 1, 2014

Lee_IrwinAre you ‘stuck’ in a job, relationship, or situation that’s sucking the life and joy out of you? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Are you looking to be inspired, to Live a Happier, more Fulfilled Life you have always dreamed of? Listen in as Life, Happiness and Career Coach Lance Jaynes and his guest, Fountain of YOU coach, Lee Irwin, share simple tips and secrets for getting unstuck in the New Year.

Lee Irwin, the Fountain of YOU coach, is passionate about helping women look and feel 15 years younger.* 

A successful coach since 2001, she is the founder of girl{friended}, a vibrant online community, and author of Play for Life.

Thank you for tuning into my show, I’m honored to have each of you! My goal of the show is to share Inspirational Stories of Overcoming Adversity, Growing through Life, Finding and Living your Life’s Calling. And last but certainly not least, We Have Fun Doing It!

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December 4,2013

Lance_JaynesLance Jaynes is an author, Life, Happiness, and Career Coach. Lance gave up a very successful professional sales career to follow his life’s passion and calling: Helping others get unstuck to live a happier, more fulfilled life. He founded his own Life & Happiness Coaching firm where he offers coaching to aid people to get unstuck in life and to find and pursue the life of their dreams. Lance has just finished his first book, Filling in the GAPSS of your Life, which will be published soon. He also writes a blog about overcoming adversity and finding your life’s purpose. Originally from Nashville, TN, this Auburn University Graduate resides in Birmingham, AL with his wife Beth, children Mac and Amelia, and dogs Luke and Lulu. As guest host this week, Lance and his guests will share real life stories of facing and overcoming challenging situations and adversity, and tips to become better for the experience.  We all struggle in life and Lance wants to provide listeners with uplifting, inspiring stories that will encourage others to reach their full potential and to live a happier life.

angela headshots 017Angela Iozzia is a Reiki Master, certified Hypnotherapist (CCHT), EFT Practitioner, Aromatherapist and Crystal Healer. She has been working with her guardian Angels since she was very young with her very first Angel encounter when she was only 18 months old. After nearly dying in an auto accident, she had an experience that reconnected her with her childhood beliefs and gifts. Angela shares with us her remarkable transformation of hitting rock bottom and how belly dancing was a huge influence on her recovery and life.

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