It’s Finally Spring, Are You Blooming too?

It seemed like winter would never end this year!  I am thankfully a spoiled guy who has lived his whole life in the south.  I don’t like it getting into the 30’s, so yeah I’m a wuss.  I did get to experience Minnesota weather this past February, that box has been checked and ZERO desire to experience that again!  The throwing up hot water and watching it turn to snow was actually cool then I went back inside!  I have great empathy for anyone who has to survive that shit all winter, no thanks!

Spring has become my favorite time of the year!  The temps getting warm and driving my car with the top down, feeling the sun on my face is a very fulfilling thing to me!  I am probably one of the few who actually love driving their cars, I am truly grateful.

As I have aged, matured and had my ass kicked by life, I have learned to see the true Magical Beauty of Spring and being in Nature.  I think that we all have some lessons that we can be easily taught by just simply looking around us.  Lao Tzu states in the Tao Te Ching “Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished”.  What is nature getting that we are not?  I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that we as humans hurry, hurry, hurry and NEVER seem to get everything accomplished?  We do this juggling jobs, kids schedules, social events and can barely find a second for ourselves.  Nature is teaching at all times, we just have to slow down and pay attention.

As I type this and look out my window, it is remarkable to actually appreciate the way it just ‘happens’ every year.  Thank GOD nature does not think like us crazy humans.  We are faced with many hurdles in life.  Life is full of suffering and it is in this suffering that we must learn to let go, and let God!

Can you imagine if this huge tree out my window thought and behaved like we do?  To have spent all last year building its wealth, a huge canopy of leaves that offer amazing shade on a hot southern day, only to lose them all in the fall?  Have you ever lost a job, faced financial stress?  The difference in this tree who has survived a LONG time and us, the tree is not attached to it’s leaves.  It doesn’t get pissed off like we do when we suffer a setback?  It doesn’t blame anyone or any circumstance.  It is at peace and will miraculously do this every year.  What if it began to tell itself what a shitty tree it was last fall as the foliage turned magnificent colors only to fall and rot.  To see it self a failure and tell itself that over and over.  Would it say to itself, ‘well, that was a waste of my time, I can’t do that, I failed, no need in trying this year!’?  No, because it accepts and exists only in this amazing NOW!  The now you are reading this, the only time that ever exists.

We spend so much of our mental energy regretting shit that has happened in our past and also imagining every worst case scenario that ‘might happen’.  The regrets of a time we can no longer visit, the fear of the unknown a future that will NEVER exist, they keep us so stuck, so lost.  Nature is effortless Love.  It is loving awareness.  It is not attached to any outcome, it does not cling to expectations of itself or others.  It gives us the life giving oxygen that we take for granted.  We too are that same loving awareness at our core!  It is our divinity, that peace of God that is alive in us.  It keeps your heart beating, it keeps your breathing.  No effort required.

As you go through your hurried life, i encourage you to go sit in nature.  In silence, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Become one with it, if just for a few moments every day.  Stop to look at the true, effortless magic occurring around you constantly.  This too is a part of us, and the greatest power we truly have.

Let your yesterdays go-you can not do a damn thing about it!  You did the absolute best you could do with all of the information and resources you had at the time.  The simple fact we wish we could change parts of our past shows us that we are better for it!  Think about that, the fact we regret our actions, mistakes and failures so much to steal our present moment, that shows YOU LEARNED from that mistake!! Bless it and move on!  Sometime’s you gotta chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on!

As for what is so scary, whatever you occupy your mind with in that insane bundle of horrible self loathing that is our daily norm, if it is not happening right NOW, well, its just not real!!! Can’t you see that? We all had irrational fears as kids, maybe it was the dark, or something under your bed.  Can you not see the same thing is happening over and over?  Be HONEST with yourself, how much of the shit you have anguished over, been petrified with the thought of some ‘what if’ that actually NEVER HAPPENED???

One of the best ways to find your peace is to slow down long enough to observe nature, to be still in it and breath.  To connect to your source.

Thank You to Everyone who takes the time to read these.  Make sure that you don’t forget to bloom this spring!