Are you trying to ‘Make Something Happen’ and it’s Not?

Well, day two of my self commitment to write a blog a day for 7 days straight has met it’s share of resistance. I must preface that prior to today, I only blog or write when it hits me and it has been so effortless. I’ve fought this blog all day long. I guess you can say I was experiencing writers block. I just couldn’t start the process-had a million topics but none would flow. Then WHAM it hit me-write about what you are struggling with right NOW! It’s now flowing like a river & I am SO GRATEFUL!

It was Awareness of what I was resisting; Awareness that is so crucial to a happy, fulfilled life. In my blog yesterday I focused on the need to take time for yourself. Since I have put that in practice, my Awareness is at an all time high.

Eckhart Tolle has a a quote I love that says “What you Resist, Persists” Think about it, our news, our world is so full of hatred, creating horrible separation. Everyone seems to be fighting a battle, supporting a cause and no one will open their mind to another’s opinion. This Sucks and is Sad to me. When we devote our efforts to fighting ‘against’ anything or anyone we view as bad or wrong, we give energy to that negative thing-person we loathe. Mother Teresa used to stress the need to Not oppose anything, but rather support it’s opposite. Look at The ‘Wars’ the world ‘Fights’ today:
-The War on Drugs-FAIL!
-The War on Terror-FAIL!
-The War on Starvation & Poverty-FAIL!
The “War” on anything just doesn’t work!

The same can be said for what you struggle with the most in your life. We have been raised to be ‘Achiever’s’, ‘Go Getter’s’. We’re taught that if we do all we can, bust our asses, sacrifice like hell (it’s sadly the most important stuff we give up & only realize on our Death Bed). All that seems to matter in the world today is status, wealth, ‘fame’, accumulations-STUFF! We are taught that the strong prevail, that ‘Winning’ and ‘Stuff’ bring Happiness-The ‘Good’ Life! Ive had a remarkably blessed life by those standards until recently. We gut out an existence, trying to ‘better’ ourselves, our family, to ACHIEVE STUFF-and that stuff brings ZERO HAPPINESS! Are we ABLE to ‘Succeed’ and make a LOT of money? Hell yes! Trust me my friends, I Have BEEN to the top of a high profile, big money career in sales, won trips, stock, NICE watches, Made A LOT of money and Towards The End, I Actually felt Guilty for the money I was making! Was it easy to achieve-HELL NO! Was it satisfying and fulfilling for me personally? Nope! For others it may be but I had no passion for what I did and let me tell you, it was a SWEET JOB many would die to get-I had the best of it and the worst, I grew as a person and no longer could exist in that role!

My point in this is I am one of the Lucky ones, to find what matters most to me and to take this scary leap of faith I am living Right Now! Nothing is ‘safe’ or ‘secure’ but I’m thankful to have been courageous and at peace with myself to pursue this crazy, amazing calling!

Since I have, the things that used to paralyze me with fear, I’ve faced and they didn’t stop me-actually didn’t even slow me. Not only that but my general happiness is at an all time high-yes I still have my moments-ask anyone who knows me-Haha! But like this blog, once I quit resisting and let go, Everything Just Works! ‘Effort’ and ‘Making It Happen’ are things of the past because I am living life with my Calling at the wheel. I could be broke before long, I may not be a published writer, may not make a dime-I Don’t Care-Truly! I JUST KNOW that I’m here to help and that it is all going to work out just perfectly. I have More Than I Need RIGHT NOW-this place is where I Live my Life-NOW!

Friends, Magic is Real! Become aware of what you strive so hard for in life, especially if you meet resistance or failure. Accept EVERYTHING in your life as if you had Asked for it to occur-Yes-even the Bad, Horrible things, events and people! Do this and find a way to give SINCERE GRATITUDE for it-even if you can’t see the good to come from it, Thank It & I Promise That You Will!

Lucky Lance

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