Are You Chasing Your Calling or Someone Else’s?


Hello everybody and welcome to Day 3 of 7 in my blog series. This topic hit me again out of the blue so, I’m going with it. Do you ever feel like the #Cheetah in the picture, giving all your energy to chase down some all important dream? Obviously, the Cheetah is chasing a meal so that’s of utmost importance. Looking back not only at my past life but even what I currently struggle with, I’m learning the importance to make sure that you are ‘chasing’ what matters to YOU, not someone else.

In past blogs I’ve touched on the importance of Accepting yourself, facing your fears and finding the life you were born to live. Each of us has been widely programmed (actually De-Programmed) by outside people and influences in our lives. We have been taught to chase things in life that more times than not aren’t important to us at our core. We think they are important because our parents, family, friends, media and society say they are.

I’ve been Lucky to have a network of support around me to be able to make my own choices. I knew people growing up who were trying to live up to demands and expectations of their parents. Go to a little league game, dance or gymnastics event anywhere in the country today, pick your sport, and you will see first hand that lots of parents sadly try to live vicariously through their children. It often carries on to college where there is a lot of pressure put on a young adult to pursue a career held in high esteem-Doctor, Lawyer, etc. I’m not indicting the masses but you know it goes on.

Even if you have the free will to choose, it is often unknowingly influenced by your up-bringing. I got a degree in Finance, looking back because it was what was prevalent in my family. I wasn’t pressured in the least but it was ‘in my blood’ or so I thought. The great thing about life is even if you have been programmed or forced down a career path that is a mismatch, it’s NEVER TOO LATE to make a change.

Having spent many years in a several professions, it only gets harder once you enter the workplace. You may not have parental influence but you become a product of the environment. Everyone you work with is ‘expected’ to achieve the same things-promotions, titles, winning sales contests, making big bucks and often at any cost necessary. This becomes a dangerous cycle that keeps people stuck in a job they shouldn’t be in! It may be a Great Job-my last one for example-but a Wrong Fit for the individual. When you are viewed as Successful in your field, make a lot of money and subsequently build a lifestyle that relies on that income, you often end up like a cheetah, constantly running, chasing that next gazelle. The difference is the cheetah must eat to survive-We aren’t fighting for survival, we chase a “Better” lifestyle, with better “things”, and none have made me personally happier. As a result of this ‘Chase’, I believe we shorten our lifespan and greatly reduce our chance at true happiness if we devote so much energy to a job or career that deep inside, you don’t like, or in my case, had come to Hate!

I will delve further into finding your calling in tomorrow’s blog. But in the mean time, ask yourself, are you pursuing your calling or a calling influenced by someone else? Is it a constant struggle or is it effortless? When you’re on the right path, I am learning effort isn’t needed, it all just works. Thank You Again for reading this, I am honored and hope that someone out there can learn something that can help them find their inner peace and happiness.

To Be Continued……..

Lucky Lance

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