7 in 7: Blog 1~ Are You Being Selfish Enough?

The title of this blog is eye catching, but the lesson behind it is one it took me a long time to learn. While excessive selfishness is a bad thing, I was guilty of not allowing myself time for ME that I so badly needed!

Over the last several years, I’ve faced a lot of adversity. These struggles have been amazing teachers and thankfully have made me a better, happier, more content individual. One of the things I lacked the most was taking time for me. I had no clue how much I needed this time, how much it was holding me back from the Happiness I longed for!

We all lead extraordinary, busy lives, more so than in any generation prior. Not to mention the advances in technology that makes it tough for us to ever really be ‘alone’. In life we have so many roles~Spouse, Parent, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, employee, boss, friend and on and on. These roles we play come with a level of commitment as well as responsibilities. Looking back, I became engrossed in all the roles I played, and I put my own needs last & even felt guilty to do anything for myself.

In a session with my Lifecoach, she shared the need to be ‘Intelligently Selfish’ -Thank You Lee! This phrase described what was missing most in my life: time for myself. When we don’t take time to care for ourselves first, we lose touch with our sense of self. We withhold true happiness from our lives. As a result, we are no where near as effective in our other roles that we spend most of our time engaged in.

For me, personal time has made all the difference. I enjoy going to sit somewhere outside. Sometimes I write, listen to music or meditate in the sounds of nature around me. You must find what works for you, but you will know when you find it, it feels amazing. Through taking this time for me, I have experienced immense personal growth, healing of old wounds and I truly am able to Love and Accept Myself for who I really am. It’s a small act that has made an Enormous change in my life.

No matter how busy and hectic your life is, no matter how many others rely on you for their needs, Take Time for YOU-NOW! Start today if it’s only 5 minutes, you can’t afford to put off your happiness any longer. Practice ‘Intelligent Selfishness’ Everyday, it will improve every other aspect of your life! And guess what, the world doesn’t come to a screeching halt if you put other stuff on hold and take time to re-charge your own battery-I Promise!

Thank You for your time and for reading this. Please feel free to share if you know someone who could benefit from this. Have a Wonderful Week! Come back tomorrow, Day 2 of my 7 for 7 Blog Event.

‘Lucky’ Lance

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